january 2016
This early morning rising in the pitch black is always made extra joyful by getting the milk in from the front door in typically delightful Swansea weather.

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  1. Must be the name. Swansea in New South Wales is taking a similar battering today.


  2. Delete ‘Swansea’, insert ‘Dundee’. 😦


  3. I live in sunny Spain, so I can’t complain about the weather, but how lovely to have milk delivered to your doorstep! A very British thing, I think, but sadly dying out – there’s no longer a milk round where my parents live (suburbs of Brum).


  4. Great sense of the rain falling. Did you use watercolor here?


  5. thehipandthrifty

    That’s a sweet picture. For some reason it reminds me of a happier version of the old cover of Wuthering Heights. Look it up, and it’ll make sense 🙂


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