closedGruff has unexpectedly closed. Please restart Gruff. If this does not work please run an overnight re-boot.

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  1. Oh no, we all need gruff to reopen/reboot immediately! PLEASE Gruff…. x


  2. If only we could, rebooting our kids would be a lovely option to have on the menue some days wouldn’t it? Come on Gruff, wakey wakey!


  3. thehipandthrifty

    My brother and I often call this type of situation a ‘file dump’; as in when your computer takes on too many tasks or too much information, warns you with a blue screen, and shuts down, dumping unimportant files. 🙂


  4. Something might have hapenned in school? Last time I had this with my son (same age), he had an argument with his best friend… Doesn’t happen for no reason. Might look small for grown ups, but for young ones, whatever it is might have felt catastrophic. Oh yeah, another time, he had a wobbly tooth and didn’t want it to fall, so he kept his mouth shut (no eating or talking) for 36 hours! It was only after 10 hours we actually figured out what it was!


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