The thinking hat.

Reasons Evie likes to do her maths homework in a very large hat.

1). Large hats are cool, very cool.

2). Large hats amplify brainwaves.

3). It keeps unwanted siblings and pets away from the table.

4). No one can spot the stolen jaffa cakes you are secretly scoffing whilst doing maths homework…

maths hat

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  1. Brilliant. I do the same for my degree work!


  2. I think Arnie has got his eye on those jaffa cakes… 😉 xxx


  3. If y’all think large hats amplify brainwaves, y’all ain’t heard of the Stetson!


  4. The brim prevents glare from overhead lights on the white paper, too, I might add. You may tell Evie that since I am allergic to oranges, she may have my share of the world’s Jaffa cakes — or the two of you can share my share . . .


  5. ROFLMAO, looking good on her, and yessssss i understand all the benefits. One smart lady you got there 😀



  6. The more you add of Evie, the more I see she is a girl after my own heart! Love this.


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