Rescue me.

Both Arnie and Bonnie come from animal shelters.
Arnie was handed in because his owner’s child had developed an allergy to him and could no longer keep him.

Bonnie had been on quite a journey from Ireland before we had the luck of finding her.

Both live with children, both get on (after a lot of bribery with sausages) with each other  and both are utter sweethearts.

So please, whatever you do, give those rag-tag animals in shelters a try, they won’t ever disappoint you, I promise.

rescue me


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  1. We just adopted a three legged cat from a shelter. He’s a much loved member of the family already, three weeks later.

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    • A friend of mine once phoned the local animal shelter, in response to their “dog of the week” advert. He had already been re-homed, but there was a three legged Jack Russell available. She took him, thinking he’d be easy to manage with two young children- he was the “Usain Bolt” of the canine world!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more- I find it slightly obscene that people spend hundreds of pounds on a pure bred dog, when there are thousands of all and no breeds desperate for a home.


  3. I have 3 little rescue dogs. To see them change from forlorn pathetic little wrecks to happy healthy dogs is just wonderful!


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