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Millie was sent home from school today. She’s not very well. Arnie is on call as cat nurse.


I’ve tidied my room.

ive tidied my room

Sofa pile up.

Sofa pile up

I’ve got your back.

When in fear of local moggies, hire some muscle. Job done!

ive got your back

Growing pains.

Pains up and down the lower legs, always at night too. They hurt!
growing pains

Hair today.

hair today


Tufts of fur hanging off, fighting again were we Arnie?
At least there’s no vet’s trip this time!


Coat cape.

I am not wearing my coat properly. It won’t catch the wind if I don’t let it slide of my shoulders like so.

Neat and tidy is so last year…



Evie decided to give Gruff all her pennies from her money box today as he’s been a bit under the weather. We now have one very happy boy who has plans to spend it on as many sweets as quickly as possible…(and hopefully share a few with his sister).



The return of the cat pillow.

The colder weather this week has seen the retirn of the nocturnal visits of cat pillow. Evie has been wondering why her dreams have featured a lot of purring…

the reurn of the cat pillow

Jam tarts.

Made with jam, ate with love…
jam tarts

At the end of the day.

Old battered, fluffy friends there for you on good days and bad. Night night.
at the end of the day


I watched  Bonnie hurtle along on her morning walk only to hit an icy part of the path and lose all control of her limbs.

So very funny until I ended up on my end too. I do believe my dog snorted at me as she slid past me…



That’s nice…

Oh that’s a lovely picture Gruff, what is it?
“It’s our house after it’s been blown up by a giant robot”.
Ah right, I see, that’s nice…
thats nice

Pancake day.

Squeeze of lemon, sugar, roll it up and eat all at once!
pancake day 2016


A happy pastime of my lot…

The life of a box.

This particular box is enjoying it’s retirement being a des res for Gruff and Arnie. Neither are happy sharing but neither will be the one to get out first.

box life

Tune in and drop out.

Millie loves to put on her headphones and listen to music at the end of a busy day.tune in and drop out

Dog bath.

Lifting a twenty five kilogram dog into our tiny bath deserved a medal at the very least, (and some dry clothes…).
dog bath


Gruff’s all arms and legs at the moment. He’s grown a lot over the winter. I’m hoping for a slow down so I can keep up with the amount of trousers he’s grown out of!

Return of the cake.

I’m delighted to tell you that after a thirty day absence, cake has returned to the Stevens’ household.

It’s been far too long, where have you been!


return of the cake

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