That’s nice…

Oh that’s a lovely picture Gruff, what is it?
“It’s our house after it’s been blown up by a giant robot”.
Ah right, I see, that’s nice…
thats nice

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  1. That is hilarious! XD XD


  2. Because who doesn’t want to see what their house would look like after it’s been blown up by a giant robot? 😀


  3. There’s a future for that boy in urban redevelopment.


  4. Scary thing is, according to some strange army programme on last night, it’s likely to be a real possibility in 10-15 (probably more like 30) years….

    Great picture though, as always 🙂


  5. Has Gruff read “The Night Pirates”? That house gets stolen and returned…upside down, but hey, ,it wasn’t blown up by robots! Gruff looks like he’s another budding Doodle family artist x


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