The return of the cat pillow.

The colder weather this week has seen the retirn of the nocturnal visits of cat pillow. Evie has been wondering why her dreams have featured a lot of purring…

the reurn of the cat pillow

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  1. Dear Angie. What a wonderful drawing!! Lisa


  2. Gorgeous – our kelpie is always edging for that delicious spot around the pillow


  3. Aww! Our cat does NOT like to snuggle. XD


  4. The best kind of pillow and dreams! 🙂


  5. What a lovely cosy, dreamy drawing. We just adopted a kitten who likes to sleep as a scarf on my 8 year old’s neck at night. My son loves it.


  6. Love it! My Tiggey has only started doing this recently! 🙂


  7. Part cat, part Davy Crockett hat.


  8. Haha, that’s fab!


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