Evie decided to give Gruff all her pennies from her money box today as he’s been a bit under the weather. We now have one very happy boy who has plans to spend it on as many sweets as quickly as possible…(and hopefully share a few with his sister).



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  1. What a very sweet and thoughtful big sister. Good job on raising compassionate kids.


  2. That Girl Over There

    How sweet! ❤


  3. That’s a lovely kind girl! 🙂


  4. Hello Doodlemum, Just wanted to say that I love seeing your new pics 🙂 you are so creative! Thankyou it always makes my day!


  5. What an amazing big sister Evie is. There’s no way Gruff can complain about Evie ever, ever again! (after all, there’s pictorial evidence to prove how fab she is…following in the footsteps of HEr very fab big sister, Millie!)


  6. thehipandthrifty

    That is so sweet–What a kind thing to do! Are British pennies made with copper like American pennies are? If you wanted to, you could let Gruff and Evie bond by conducting their own science experiments by letting them dip the pennies into hot sauce or vinegar to show them how the acid reacts to the oxidization on the copper pennies, makes them shine. 🙂


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