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Tea minion.

Millie made me a cup of tea today for the first time and it was perfect. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows how much tea I drink. Today is a very happy day!

tea minion

Love me, love me.

Leaning tower of cat, all purry and happy. Oh, is that a dead mouse I see? ….ah….

love me love me

Disaster woman.

No this isn’t a gory scene that I’m re-enacting from a horror movie, it’s the moment when your long awaited bottle of fizzy wine decides to explode at the moment of un-corking
and you hope what you’re covered in is just wine and not your own blood.

This particular bottle of wine was a gift from my sister and had travelled all the way from Italy, pity we couldn’t use straws for all that wastage.
Ah well, cup of tea it is then after a mass cleaning of the crime scene…


Easter eggs.

Three children equals a lof of chocolate Easter eggs and Bunnies. I suppose I’m going to have to do the decent thing and help them eat it!

chocolate eggs

Cleopatra and Bugs.

After a frantic week gluing and painting, Cleopatra and her god-egg of mummifiaction and Bugs Bunny had a whale of a time at their parade today.

cleo and bugs

Something fishy going on.

Lesson learnt. Do not get engrossed in phone when balancing a plate of fish on your lap. There will be consequences!

something fishy

Sticking and gluing.

Well it’s that time of year again. It’s Easter Bonnet Parade time and it’s just Gruff making his hat this year as Evie is making an Easter Egg for her competition.

This year’s creation has involved an awful lot of glue and cotton wool…

Easter cafts 2016

Potato bunny.

Potato bunny was created with tonight’s dinner. I don’t know what this says about my cooking but needless to say, Potato bunny has aquired an immunity from being eaten.

This was followed by an amazing appearence of several other “potato bunnies” on various plates.
I am not cooking with potatoes ever again!

potato bunny


Full of it.

Millie’s full of cold at the moment. Discarded snotty tissues litter our lounge where they were cast off after another nose blowing.

full of it


Evie is studying ancient Egypt. Bonnie is obligingly helping portray the god of mummification.


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