St David’s Day.

Which means most of today was spent waving daffodils, eating welshcakes and definitely singing. Wales may be a small country but we do our national day proud.
Happy St David’s day.

St Davids day 2016

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  1. We don’t celebrate St. David’s day in America, but it sounds like fun! 😀


  2. Happy St David’s Day from a Welsh girl living in Oz! 🙂


  3. Ooh, welshcakes! Love ’em. And bara brith too. 🙂


  4. What, no leeks?! I LOVE leeks! I saw 2 in my fridge yesterday, so grabbed one in each hand and sang “Men of Harlech” to them- just up to “Hear ye not the call?”, as that’s all I can remember. Don’t ask me why I sang to leeks, I’m not even Welsh! I love that Evie still wears her national costume, and Gruff looks cute too- didn’t he want to go as a dragon?!


  5. In France St David’s Day is 29th Décembre!!!


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