Old Ted.

My teddy bear from my childhood has been adopted by Evie. She has decided that he needs looking after and if I am not cuddling him, she should take over.
Gruff has been distraught at this prospect as he thinks I don’t love my teddy bear anymore.
I had to tell him that I do still love him, I love him enough to share him with Evie.

He’s quite a looker these days, he has my Grandfather’s sock sewn onto the back and a bandage for his tummy. He has one arm and lost his nose many moons ago. He has been to University, he has watched me draw and grow while he slowly fell apart.

I have had to spend the evening cuddling my Teddy bear to reassure Gruff that I do still love him…I’m sure Ted’s looking happier now, what do you think?

old ted#

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  1. I still have a bear from when I was 4!


  2. He looks a much happier bear! 🙂


  3. Aww, what a sweetie Gruff is! I think Bear looks very happy and will know that while Nurse Evie is lavishing her love on him( along with the other thousand assorted teddies/ fluffies /dinosaurs and unicorns),he still REALLY belongs to you! As Sting sang.. “If you love somebody, set them free”. x


  4. He looks very well loved indeed. Is it silly that tears started to well up in my eyes on reading this? Such a sweet old bear and such a nice family to keep him happy in his retirement.
    This blog is so special. I love dropping by.


  5. I love old bears. And your drawings. Perfect! X


  6. What a lovely tale of an old beloved bear – I may have to dig my old threadbare one out for a cuddle now! 🙂


  7. thehipandthrifty

    That is so sweet. I love that you took him to college! 🙂


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