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The slinky slayer.

These little springs of joy soon turn to tangles!
slinky slayer

Full of it.

Evie’s caught a cold.

full of it


Evie threw a tea party for all her cats and kittens (and herself of course) but the guest of honour was Arnie who had real fish on a plate.


All hail.

On a brighter note I couldn’t help but notice some odd behaviour from my chickens this morning. Normally when it rains heavily, they sprint under the hen house to wait it out until it eases but today was different.
In the most torrential hail storm they seemed to be sprinting around their pen like something irresistably tasty had landed in their midst.
They were eating the little hailstones as they fell like a fresh sprinkling of corn.

It hurts to laugh at the moment but I broke the frown for that one.

all hail

Face ache.

I’m not much fun to be around at the moment. I have a very horrible infected wisdom tooth. Lots of pain killers and some furry hugs are helping my face not feel like it’s been thumped by a rhino.
Best diet ever, although I’m dreaming about eating digestive biscuits once my mouth is better.

face ache

Ant herding.

Keeps him busy for hours and as long as he doesn’t bring them in the house.
ant herding



Spaceships and stuff.

All of us like Star Wars. We’ve had a Chewbacca masterclass tonight and it turns out that the dog does the best Chewbacca impersonation when she yelps in her sleep.
Tomorrow’s lesson will be make a Milenium Falcon out of tin foil, sticky tape and a biscuit tub…

space ships and stuff



Thought that one of Arnie’s whiskers had somehow fallen on my face whilst sleeping but then discovered that it was one of my own (as it was attached to my own face…).



A visit to the vet.

Bonnie had her yearly check-up today and has passsed with flying colours. Don’t know why Arnie is looking so smug, his appointment is tomorrow…

a visit to the vet

Sun’s out, dog’s out.

My dog doesn’t do tanlines. At the first hint of sun she’s out the back garden chasing rays.

suns out dogs out

The “S” word.

Back to school, Mondayitis and chocolate egg withdrawal symptoms. Happy faces all round…
s word


Gruff is all bones and ribs at the moment.


Sound effects.

Hulk’s taken a right pasting today from a Thundercat. Don’t think Evie’s Ana stood a chance. Tomorrow it’s Han Solo versus Superman.

sound effects

And then there were two.

Another one appeared this morning…

and then there were two


Evie had a sewing kit for Christmas. She’s really enjoyed making little pillows and other garments for her toys to waer.

Today she created Kitty. Kitty was made out of her old vest and stuffed with pillow stuffing. She drew Kitty’s face on with felt tip.
I’ve told her not to feed it after midnight…


Upside down dog.

Upside down Bonnie looks so much fiercer than right side up as her jowly mouth exposes all her teeth…
upside down dog

Mucky pup.

Easter holidays and my children revert to their natural ferel type.

mucky pup

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