Spaceships and stuff.

All of us like Star Wars. We’ve had a Chewbacca masterclass tonight and it turns out that the dog does the best Chewbacca impersonation when she yelps in her sleep.
Tomorrow’s lesson will be make a Milenium Falcon out of tin foil, sticky tape and a biscuit tub…

space ships and stuff


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  1. Cant wait to see the ship! lol


  2. For all of us brought up on Blue Peter, that should be a doddle, although I’m surprised “sticky back plastic and toilet roll inners” don’t feature somewhere! (Mind you, I’ve never ( yep, never, sorry) seen Star Wars, have no idea what you’re making, so am probably (yep again , talking rubbish!) Good luck anyway, it should be fun!


  3. thehipandthrifty

    You raised your children well. 🙂


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