All hail.

On a brighter note I couldn’t help but notice some odd behaviour from my chickens this morning. Normally when it rains heavily, they sprint under the hen house to wait it out until it eases but today was different.
In the most torrential hail storm they seemed to be sprinting around their pen like something irresistably tasty had landed in their midst.
They were eating the little hailstones as they fell like a fresh sprinkling of corn.

It hurts to laugh at the moment but I broke the frown for that one.

all hail

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  1. Ha ha! That’s hilarious! And I love the title too. 🙂

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  2. What a bonkers anecdote and your illustration suggests the mirth of the scene brilliantly.

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  3. Perhaps the hail contains essential minerals and vitamins, as they say in the advertisements!


  4. It’s probably the closest they come to eating ice cream!


  5. lol – ours do the same thing – anything that bounces on the ground is fair game! wooo hoo


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