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Sun’s out, paddling pool’s out. I have now made five trips with buckets of warm water…



Blown in hope against a sea blue sky.


Popping candy.

Must be eaten open mouthed for full impact. I still love the stuff.

popping candy

Painting the chicken house.

Thought it would be a good day to touch up the chicken house with a lick of paint. Even put a lovely chicken painting on the side.

Not sure why some of my ladies are now walking around with flecks of bright blue on their feathers…


Spider walking.

Much better than normal walking…apparently…

spider walking

Cat wrap.

I’ve had a very busy fun day drawing in Swansea and I’ll post all my drawings once they’re all scanned in as there are quite a few.

I’ll leave you with Arnie tonight who has just come in from the rain absoltley dripping wet. So he’s been wrapped in a towel before I let him upstairs to sleep on the kid’s beds.


cat wrap

Guerilla scribbling.

Psst…if your in Swansea tomorrow and you fancy popping into Creative Bubble on Craddock Street I’m going to be looking for people to tell me a story and I will be tweeting them throughout the afternoon (in between bouts of cake eating).

I will be wearing a purple hat with pom poms on(don’t tell Evie, it’s her hat). Why? It’s a purple hat with pom poms on. Enough said.


Guerilla scribbling


yoga cat


Our beach trip started with the best intentions but it was a little too cold for Evie today.


New chicks.

Meet our two latest additions to our chicken family, Bluebell and Gumball. They’re very young and won’t be laying for probably another month or so. They are very tame and don’t seem phased by all the commotion the other other chickens are raging at them through their mesh partition.
new chicks

At onesie.

In one’s onesie in the garden, in the rain, as you do when you’re eight.


Mousey in the housey.

Four ‘o clock this morning, on Evie’s bed. One proud cat, one horrified daughter, one obliging Dad.

Mousey in the housey


Must be getting warmer, the freckles have descended in our house on the pastier of our clan (including me).



We have a teenager in the house. Happy birthday Millie!

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