Cat wrap.

I’ve had a very busy fun day drawing in Swansea and I’ll post all my drawings once they’re all scanned in as there are quite a few.

I’ll leave you with Arnie tonight who has just come in from the rain absoltley dripping wet. So he’s been wrapped in a towel before I let him upstairs to sleep on the kid’s beds.


cat wrap

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  1. LOL thanx for the Friday giggle. My cats went bolting outside earlier, oh, and, oops, I forgot to tell them the sprinkler was on – hee hee ho ho ho ha ha

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  2. He looks really happy about that.


  3. love your drawings, this one is adorable.


  4. Oh he looks happy 😁


  5. Does that come with sour cream?


  6. I love the expression on his face, reminds me of my mum’s cat when he’s been in that situation.


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