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No pressure.

One wants to boot his football, the other wants to chase it and wee on trees.

No pressure Mum, none at all, in your own time.

We’re waiting…

can we go to the park

All dogs go to Iceland.

No pun intended on tonight’s England versus Iceland football game I promise.

Bonnie decided to slip out the front door tonight and cross a thirty mile per hour road. She ended up in the car park of our local Iceland supermarket.

Meanwhile her two frantic owners were galloping around the area asking every random person, child, animal, had they seen a large black dog with huge ears and a love of food.

The trail got warmer and warmer until the last group of people simply motioned to the car park excitedly and there she was, nose twitching, anticipating free food, just ourside the shop.

Shame it only sells frozen eh Bonnie?

dogs go to iceland

The last of the puddings.

You know that last bit of pudding? That last bit of strawberry pavlova sitting there on the table?
The one piece that everyone is looking at but is far too polite to ask for. The one that makes everyone pull a face like Christmas is over…

Well tough because whilst we were all yearning, Evie has just leaned over and scoffed it.

last pudding

After the swimming lesson.


A room with a cat.

room with a cat

Bath time.

Still there at every bath time waiting to swipe the bubbles.

cat bubble

Shock horror.

Millie’s response to the “Woman in Black” film.

shock horror


I’m off out drawing again to Pontardawe Arts Centre this morning looking for more willing subjects.

I’ve left Arnie in charge.


Arts in the Tawe Valley.

I’m going to be doing more drawing over the next week at the Pontardawe Arts Centre. If you fancy becoming a drawing in my sketchbook why not come down?
I’ll be there from 10-2 Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th of June.

I’ll be tweeting more drawings over the course of the week as and when!


Water slide.

water slide

Hedge versus me.

Managed to finally cut the hedge tonight. Got most of the hedge’s wild-life in my hair and in other various parts of my clothing, (I’ve just pulled a spider out of my hair two hours later).


me versus hedge

Waiting for thunder.

It’s a very muggy evening here in Swansea tonight with heavy downpours and a few good rumbles of thunder.

Nothing better than counting between the flashes of lightning waitng for the rumble to catch up. Had to rescue a few soggy teddies from Gruff’s room.

waiting for thunder


WINNERSEvie and Bonnie eneted our local dog show today in the “Young Handler” catagory and only went and won it!


We’ve got to eleven so far without them being toppled by shaky hands, sneaky sisters or curious cat.


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