Waiting for thunder.

It’s a very muggy evening here in Swansea tonight with heavy downpours and a few good rumbles of thunder.

Nothing better than counting between the flashes of lightning waitng for the rumble to catch up. Had to rescue a few soggy teddies from Gruff’s room.

waiting for thunder

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  1. It’s thundering in Ohio tonight, too. Little dog is shiver-panting…


  2. It’s broken that horrible mugginess


  3. Childhood is a wonderful time, when everything is new.

    I have a rare yet vivid early memory of standing in the back porch of the old house with your grandad whilst he explained the name of the sheet lightning that was shooting across the turbulent grey clouds high up in the sky. I was so excited that the event must have impressed itself on me so very strongly back then.

    Perhaps yesterday Gruff created some of his own similar, wonderful memories… I do hope so. xxx


  4. Beautiful artwork
    So glad to find your work, thank you for sharing


  5. I expected it to give thunder and lightening this week with all of the hot weather up here in Cumbria but nothing so far, I love a good storm!


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