Hedge versus me.

Managed to finally cut the hedge tonight. Got most of the hedge’s wild-life in my hair and in other various parts of my clothing, (I’ve just pulled a spider out of my hair two hours later).


me versus hedge

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  1. LOL – I took one look at your title and knew, even before I opened the blog, it was going to be a goodie! Been there, done that and the darn hedges always win with me, too short I guess – hahaha


  2. There’s a little of the Arnold Schwarznegger in all of us at times… and I think today was your day… 😀 xxx

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  3. It’s time for you to realise who you really are… Terminator Mum !!! 😀 xxx

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  4. I can totally relate.


  5. Better than hedging your bets!


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