The last of the puddings.

You know that last bit of pudding? That last bit of strawberry pavlova sitting there on the table?
The one piece that everyone is looking at but is far too polite to ask for. The one that makes everyone pull a face like Christmas is over…

Well tough because whilst we were all yearning, Evie has just leaned over and scoffed it.

last pudding

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  1. Mmmmm delicious! Is it like the Last of the Mohicans… but more interesting… and with more strawberries in? 😀 xxx

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  2. It would have been SOOOOO much worse if A) she had dropped it on the floor, so Bonnie would have guzzled it in the blink of an eye, or B), Arnie had leapt forward and scoffed it instead! At least children appreciate pavlova as a special treat, animals merely recognise it as food! Serves you all right for being so polite, haha! x


  3. heheh love these cartoons


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