A mallow moment.

Roasted over a fire and eaten with both hands. Can you get any stickier than this?


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  1. love your little doodles, so cute


  2. You clearly have never been to New England, where we put marshmallow Fluff on peanut butter sandwiches and call it a Fluffernutter!!


  3. Ooh. Those were the best thing in the world when I was his age. Except when they fell off the stick into the fire and I had to start over with a fresh one.


  4. …yes you can, and you will regret asking.


  5. thehipandthrifty

    I loved those as a kid. The trick was to hold it over the pit long enough to set it on fire and crisp the outside, then quickly blow it out, taking the fried skin off and tossing it back into the fire. You were left with perfectly roasted goo, to eat right then or on a s’more. Yum! :}


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