Flutterby butterfly.

Two weeks ago I harvested the last of our brocolli from our garden. It was riddled with green caterpillars. Evie had collected a fair few of them and put them in a mesh cage, (with the hope that they would pupate into butterflies).

This didn’t exactly go to plan. Most of the caged caterpillars were infected by a parasitic wasp and the resulting emergence of its larva wouldn’t be out of place in a Ridley Scott film.

One was left and had started to pupate in the cage but we noticed that there was another one attached to the window in our kitchen where an escapee caterpillar had chanced its luck.

We went away this weekend and came back this afternoon to the sight a newly formed cabbage (muncher) white butterfly emeging out of its chrysalis.

There never was a happier girl.


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  1. Jaye Gallagher

    Sometimes Ridley Scott films have a happy ending. Lovely for your girl.


  2. Good job it was a butterfly and not a Ridley “Xenomorph” then, lurking in the larder for when you got home… 😀 xxx


  3. (gulp…munch…dribble)


  4. Oh my, i’ve tried many, many times as a kid, but i never ever managed to get a butterfly out of them, they would nog even go into a cocoon, wonderfull for her that it did!



  5. This is why I no longer grow broc. When you toss your chopped veg into a big pot of boiling water and a million caterpillar bits float to the surface…it’s traumatizing!


  6. The look of wonder on Evie’s face is worth the loss of all your broccoli harvest!


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