Pack your bags.

We are going camping. Gruff has packed all his teddies and toys into his minion rucksack but he has a dilemma.

We are not going just yet.

Does he,

a) Unpack all of said teddies and toys so he can sleep with them.


b) Sleep with the entire rucksack?

Answers on a postcard.

pack your bags

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  1. How about he sleeps in the rucksack.

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  2. Thanks for explaining just what it is that he’s tucked up with! 😁 (clearly I need to update my media references).


  3. My nephew used to sleep with his wellies on, so sleeping with a rucksack sort of makes sense! (especially if it’s full of nice soft teddies- a rucksack full of tractors and daleks is another matter entirely!)


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