Walk Bonnie walk….

Well it certainly beat doing the washing. Having fun this afternoon animating Bonnie.

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  1. Sheridan Johnson

    very cute and creative! Love the movement!


  2. Watching her animatedly walking beats doing the washing too! But I’d better get back to work…

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  3. very nicely done. i suspect we might expect some more ~alan

    On Sat, 01 Oct 2016 07:42:16 -0700, Doodlemum wrote: >


  4. More animated posts please. It’s superb.

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  5. Oh very good, I’m so impressed! It works really well. 😉 xxx

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  6. Wow. That’s fantastic.


  7. Very cool…<3 Bonnie!


  8. How wonderful!


  9. I’m sure your washing skills are much needed, but this is amazing- much better use of your time! (I’m trying not to say that your animations are leg-end-ary…given the length of Bonnie’s limbs!) xx


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