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Sous chef.

Evie had a cooking apron for Christmas. If something needs chopping, up she pops with her apron on ready to slice, dice and shred.



Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Here’s a animated GIF file for you to spread some festive fun.

Be kind to those sprouts and eat one for me.



Cherry Christmas.

It’s my annual glace cherry cull, bake a Christmas cake time.
I’ve bought enough glace cherries to cherrify cakes for the next year. Problem is I’ve still got last year’s ones in the cupboard…


No chance and no chance.


Doodlemum goes to the Panto.

We were really excited to be invited as a family to the grand opening of this year’s pantomime Sleeping Beauty at Swansea Grand Theatre.

Doodlemum goes to the Panto.png

I took my sketchbook but obviously had to put it down during the performance as it got a bit dark!

We fuelled up with half a gallon of fizzy pop before the start of the performance…


The children around us were equally excited!


Gruff did his best to bring down Carabosse, the evil sorceress…


But our favourite was Queen Kevonia…she’s from Swansea but well , had the voice of an angel…


A great night out, we all enjoyed and I’m hoarse from yelling!


Black, black, black.


Birthday time.

Still here. Still drawing. A bit older but still non the wiser…


Bonnie’s Christmas Wish.




Advent calendar.

Here’s this year’s  advent calendar for you to print out and colour in instead of doing all those dreadfully important Christmas things like rescuing last years lights from the loft. Get the kettle on, crack open a mince pie, get out your felt tips and enjoy.

Oh and thanks for all your continued support this year, it always means more than I can ever put into words or pictures.

Here’s the link for you to follow to print out an A3 copy.

This is the link for an A4 copy.

advent calendar 2016.png

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