Bonnie’s Christmas Wish.


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  1. hehehe yes you can have the bone now…good dog

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  2. Aah… oh go on it’s Christmas! I’m sure she can… 😉 xxx


  3. This piggy says YES you can!! XOXO – Bacon

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  4. Who could say no to that innocent face? Of COURSE you can have a bone, Bonnie!


  5. Of course she’s a good dog. there’s no such thing as a bad dog…or cat for that matter. Sez Meowmy of four furballs!

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  6. Bonnie sounds a saint compared to my lab Rocky, who just this week has eaten a dead rabbit, emptied out the kitchen bin and chased the ducks down the canal, so Bonnie definitely deserves a Bone. Rocky gets the lump of coal!

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  7. awww our Molly has a dog stocking hanging up waiting already!


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