Birthday time.

Still here. Still drawing. A bit older but still non the wiser…



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  1. “A bit older but none the wiser” – I’ve been thinking this every year for SO many years!

    Hope you had (are having?) a lovely birthday x

  2. OOoooooh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you fabulous lady! xx


  4. Happy happy birthday! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a nice chunky slice of cake to go with your coffee or tea. I, will have to disagree as I think some of us (me in particular) getting sillier as I age. But you seem to become more creative with each post.

  6. Happy birthday, love your posts

  7. Happy Birthday!!! (Mine was yesterday, We Sagittarius ladies have to stick together!)

  8. Never get wise, it’s just not worth the hassle.

  9. a little bit late but a happy birthday, miine was on dec. 6th, hahaha


  10. and fab drawings they are xxx

  11. Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it’s the best year tho. Happy belated Birthday!

  12. The best way to be! None the wiser but still drawing… perfect!!! 🙂

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