Do you speak cat?

We’ve arrived in Sicily, (minus my clothes as the airline has lost our siitcase but that was yesterday and another drawing).

It is breath taking here and so is the driving…

Lots of cats here too.

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  1. Have a great time… Hope the’ll find your suitcase quickly!


  2. Did you know that a cat’s meow is the cat trying to speak human? They only make that noise for us, and it is an imitation of the timbre of a baby’s cry, intended to get attention.


  3. Oh my, my parents are going there to this year, but late sept. I hope the suitcase will be found and deliverd soon! Have a wonderful time!



  4. I hope your case turns up soon but what a lovely place to visit? Have a wonderful time and possibly a bit of clothes shopping!!! xx


  5. Skinny dipping then?!


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