Knitting monster.

I’m not an amazing knitter but I find it very relaxing and I enjoy making toys for my lot.
That is until the knitting monster arrives.
The knitting monster will has a few lines of attack.
The first is to stalk you silently, slowly, crawling on silent paws until the final burst of claws and fluff descend.
The second is through masquerade. Knitting monster will curl up beside you and pretend to fall asleep but do not be fooled! Oh no, knitting monster is merely biding his time until lots of lovely wool unravels itself all around him and he engages all four paws in attack and shred.

knitting monster

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  1. Ahhh… but knitting monster is quite cute though too… 😀 xxx


  2. My former knitting monster also loved the fleece l spun into yarn. So much so that she would dribble all over it at the exciting smell! Yuk!!!


  3. I do crochet, but i got the same problem, hahahaha 😉



  4. I love Knitting Monster!

    We used to have a Sewing Monster (clearly from the same family) who cunningly looked out of the window while the pattern and material were all neatly laid out and pinned down and then,,,, just as the first cut of the scissors was made… the Sewing Monster would leap into the air and land right in the middle of the lot, scattering material, pins, paper, everything everywhere! There was always a look of triumph on his face afterwards as well!!!
    Happy knitting and sewing… xx


  5. Yet another reason not to like cats! If it’s not edible, a dog isn’t interested! x


  6. Sounds like knitting monster likes your toy habit too:)


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