I am amused.

I amuse my cat. I am a particularly clumsy and annoying human.
He hears my chatter like a whining bluebottle. I do bring food and herb enhancing joy (in the form of cat nip) so I’m not all bad.
This particular brain to pen splurge was inspired by the large chunk of a cat that waits outside my children’s school for cuddles each morning.
I am amused

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  1. Oh how I loved this post! I have 2 rescued cats — exact opposites in personality. Emily Noodle sees all humans as slaves to do her bidding and all dogs, as wastrels! BabyBlue sees me as her equal & includes me in several conversations, including,”No, I honestly don’t think I should have to leave my play to go to bed –” both seek affection differently as well, with Emmie, hip checking any unobservant dog out if the way, and will yell, Hey human — now-! While Babes will wait till everyone is gone and call me from her tower, ” hi.. remember me, I love you, ” & I’ll go over and she affirmatively head butts me + all is right with the world. I’ve not given the cat nip, I fear for the result, as “Moose” aka Emily is quiet staunch in her desire to be Queen. And Baby Blue us more quaker and hides often to avoid the inevitable confrontations that ensue over the one cat tower. I honestly believe if EmmieLou could use a bow &arrow.. it would be bedlam! !
    I subscribe to your newsletter, and you always entertain, if only sometimes, with no words, I’ve no clue whats about–thank you so much for this post. You made my day!


  2. Loved the text line on the image.


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