Mud, sweat and tears.

We get a lot of rain in Wales, an awful lot. In fact it’s pretty much chucked it down all January and we’re all sick of it.
My poor chickens are wading in mud again so I’ve spent today shovelling in wheel barrows full of sand to absorb it.
I also use wooden planks and plant pots to create little perches so they can preen themselves when the sun dares to show itself.
I’m hoping February will be kinder and the sun will show itself a bit more!
mud and chickens

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  1. Poor chookies! Ours, in Australia, are sitting in hollows and panting in the 30°+ temperatures.


  2. Ooooo! I sure do understand weather fatigue. In New Hampshire, USA, we have had MANY days with temps well below zero degrees F. Plus, snow, snow, SNOW. I love winter in New England, but this stretch has been rough!


  3. My allotment is like the WW1 trenches!


  4. We’ve had about 25 hours of sunshine since the beginning of December here in Belgium, which officially makes it the most depressing winter since 1940 (or some other year way before I was born). The playground of my children’s school is one big mud pool that resembles trenches (well okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s still very muddy and in Flanders), which only is fun if you’re Peppa pig.

    I feel for you and for your chickens. If I catch some sunlight, I’ll send some your way!

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