Bread of heaven.

Stupidly cold here at the moment. We have Siberian winds and snow heralding our St David’s day and first day of spring with a wind chill factor of minus seven.
The hens’ water is freezing so my axe is coming in handy although once the water is frozen solid I’ll switch to plastic tubs as you can top them up throughout the day.
The entire infrastructure of the country has ground to a halt and the Welsh have come out in force to panic buy entire stocks of sliced white bread to live off. The shelves are bare in our local shops.
If you have a loaf of white bread, you will survive the storm, maybe the stuff mops up snow or something. It’s a very bizarre tradition but it keeps us Welsh secure knowing we have our trusty loaf by our side.
The roads are quiet and all the schools have shut early. We’re waiting for the worse of the weather to come in tonight.
Grab your loaf and stay warm.
first day of spring

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  1. White Bread! White Bread!!! Nooo.. only BROWN Bread can save the worthy! Stay snug and prosper. 😀 xxx


  2. Richard Wilmot

    Put a ping pong ball in the water. It will help keep it open. For the chickens.

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  3. Oh my goodness, I hope you have plenty of hot chocolate to go with your bread!
    I’m visiting in Florida and, whew, 85degrees today. They don’t all have the “Sunshine State” on the license plates for nothing!!!
    Back to California tomorrow 😣. Going to really really miss my grandchildren! it’s cold and blustery at home. But nothing at all like in Wales. Keep your fingers, children and chicks all warm!! Best to you dear!!


  4. We have a breadmaking machine (*smug*) 😉


  5. That’s all very well, but now I have a ‘Cwm Rhondda’ earworm!


  6. Sending warm thoughts from an admirerer in far off San Diego!

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  7. Stay safe. Stay warm.


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