Not yet.

Arnie has been unwell for a week or so but he went downhill quite rapidly over the last few days.
I’ve just driven thirty miles to a veterinary hospital to see if they can bring our poorly cat back from the brink. Looks like we have a diabetic in our house.
Not yet Arnie, we’re not ready for this, you’ve sprung this on us and we’re holding on tight to you.

arnie ill


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  1. Ooh big hug for Arnie.

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  2. Aaah gosh I do hope he’s going to be ok my love. Lots of love and hugs to you and to him. xxx

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  3. Hang in there Arnie! You have a fine family who love you very much!!!


  4. I used to have a diabetic cat and she went on for several years after diagnosis. Big hugs to you both xx

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  5. Stroke the wee man behind the ears for me, bless his heart.

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  6. Oh no, I really hope he pulls through. Sending hope and best wishes to you all xx

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  7. Oh Arnie. I hope he rallies.

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  8. We’ve had diabetic cats at the rescue I volunteer at and they are just as solid and unwavering and stubbornly clinging to life (honestly, some of them are 20+) as the rest. Am sure he’ll be fine once the necessary treatments are in his system. Thinking of Arnie (and you!) x

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  9. Best wishes to Arnie. I nursed a cat through diabetes for over two years, with insulin injections, but he was totally an inside cat and I could measure his insulin dosage by his food consumption as I fed him in isolation. The thing with diabetes is getting the insulin dose correct, to keep the blood sugar at the correct levels. Alas, there are no insulin meters for cats and you wouldn’t want to be pricking their paw pads all the time to get samples. Your only hope to getting the insulin dosage correct is being able to strictly measure what he eats. Good Luck. My Jett was a sweet heart and was so good about holding still for his insulin injections.


  10. My dog passed away two week ago, so this hit especially close to home. Hopefully he’s able to make a quick recovery. Best to you and your family.

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  11. Poor Arnie and all of you his family it is so sad to see a diabetic cat but he will rally I hope. I will be sending good thoughts and prayers for all of you take care of him and yourselves don’t get to stressed cause he will pick that up as well. Stroke him behind the ears for me and tell him I said to hang in there. Thank you and God Bless as well as Good Luck!!

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  12. Much love and many hugs to you all.

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