Cat and dog.

cat and dog
Arnie is still hanging on in there. We have to do twice daily injections of insulin at food times and he’s taken to this really well.
His behaviour however, is rather strange. He has now taken to falling asleep at his water bowl or even worse, in the dog’s crate.
Bonnie is made up with this as she finally gets to sniff and fuss Mr elusive after all this time. Arnie is just happy to have a warm body to curl up next to.

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  1. Chris Sivewright


    Just so you know…. the link on your site is broken

    I am glad you have written a book – I remember when you started…

    Kind regards


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  2. Ah, Arnie Lad. Lots of good thoughts and wishes come to you, along with a request that your people give you many of your favourite sort of pats and scratches. Be well, Laddie.

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  3. Aaawww that’s so sweet xxx


  4. Oh, Arnie. I hope you’ll be running around soon, poor guy.


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