Arnie passed away yesterday, we’re in bits. Cat shaped hole in my heart.
Sleep well my furry friend, I love you.
We love you so much.


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  1. I will miss him and I only know him from your illustrations. So sorry, he was such a big part of your family. E x

  2. So very sorry for your loss of a furry purry friend.x

  3. So sorry to hear of Arnie’s passing, you must all be devastated. Try to remember the many good times you all had together. x

  4. I’m so sorry, you will all miss him so much.

  5. So sorry! We shall all miss him and most of us never met him xx

  6. Sending love and sympathy for your loss.

  7. Rosemary Groves

    Oh! No! Really, really sorry. I know how you feel. After losing my last cat I won’t have another. It just hurts far too much when they pass away. Sending love and big hugs xxxx

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  8. I’m so sorry, Angie. Arnie had a wonderful life with you and so many friends loved him from seeing his adventures in your drawings xxxx

  9. Susan Corbett

    So sorry, you’ll miss him but he was loved xx

  10. I’m so sorry to hear that, Angie. I only know him from your wonderful website, but I will miss him. Best wishes.

  11. I am really, really sorry. Arnie was such a big part of your life and family. Be gentle to yourself and know that many people are thinking of you and sending their love your way. I’m one of them xx

  12. Nooooo Arnie! Run free at the Rainbow Bridge our whiskered friend! I will miss the stories of your antics. Sorry for your loss, DoodleFamily.😔

  13. I’m so sad for Arnie and yourselves, but as rose said he did indeed have a fab life and him and his adventures were loved by many people far and wide! xx

  14. Aaah God Bless him… so sorry my darling. xxx

  15. So sad. It’s awful, losing a cat. Hugs from me and the cats here at Stash Towers.

  16. So sorry to hear about Arnie. We know how you are feeling as we have many cat-shaped holes of own. We will miss his presence in your drawings. Take care

  17. Angie, I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. Goodbye, Arnie. You had the best (drawn) whiskers in the world, xxx

  18. My heart goes out to all of you, as well as my thanks to Arnie for being such a sterling fellow. Gruff, I gather, was a special friend to Arnie, so this must be terribly hard on him, poor wee lad. Arnie was a lucky guy to have had such a wonderful family.

  19. Let me add my voice to this chorus. Arnie will always be celebrated here as a character with a unique personality. Having a cat around is like having a favourite jigsaw puzzle that you love even though you can’t find the right pieces to complete it. Something about a cat will always be enigmatic. I think that’s why when we love a cat we love it totally – because it’s always as though we’re expecting to find out more, but we never will.

    People may suggest to us that we ought to get things into proportions – “It’s only a pet.” Loving a creature with a life span shorter than ours, however, will never fail to remind us of mortality. When we lose something – a live thing, a pet as much as a person – we actually lose something of ourselves. The part of us that related to that live friend has been excised from us. It is bewildering and disorienting. We mourn the hole inside us. Coping is difficult, so what I always say to bereaved friends is this…

    It is as though he has stepped outside for a while.

    When someone you love steps outside, they don’t fade from your thoughts, your love for them doesn’t suddenly disappear because they aren’t in the room at the moment.

    If that seems a facile suggestion, don’t worry. The other thing I always say is that whatever you’re feeling at the moment is totally human, totally understandable, totally allowable. Hug each other. Hug Bonnie – Bonnie will still maintain her air of total bewilderment at the world, she’ll be her usual, dependable self, half Lab half Giraffe – and will be the foil to your family tragedy.

    End of ramble. Much love,


  20. Oh,no! Arnie of the extravagant whiskers! I am so sorry. Big wet tears. Love to all of you.

  21. Oh, how very sad. I’m so sorry for your loss; it’s always hard to lose a beloved member of your family. Arnie was loved by many around the world, and he will be missed. Thank you for sharing him with us over the years.

  22. This is so sad – Poor beautiful Arnie – You must all be devastated, such a lovely cat – He will be sorely missed. xx

  23. I am so sorry for your loss. 😦

  24. Caroline Richardson

    SO so sorry to hear this. Our pets are cherished family members and it’s the cruellest ever they don’t live with us for our lifetimes.
    Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Annie 😓🌈

  25. I’m so so sorry for the loss of your kitty bear Arnie. How old was he? Did you know that it was coming? Again, I’m sorry. I loved seeing your drawings of him. How is your family handling his loss? Does the dog notice? Hang in there. ❤

    • He was fourteen years old approximately. He’d been ill for a while with sudden onset diabetes and we believe an underlying tumour but I drew the line at any more tests. The kids are upset and his absence is awful at the moment. Yes Bonnie is looking around for him.

  26. Arnie, you are missed by many

  27. Angie, when you feel up to it, please do an ‘Arnie retrospective’ for all his friends out here. 🙂

  28. It is always so hard to lose a furry friend. My condolences to you and your family.

  29. I’m so sorry for you loss.

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