Cat shaped hole isn’t going away. I’ve been looking around in various homes and catteries for a little furry reject that would like to come and live with us. I don’t want a kitten but a cat that needs a fresh start with a warm sofa to spread out on and some nice wallpaper on the walls to shred.
I’m putting a shout out to any cat who would like to take up residence with a bonkers lady artist and her tribe of cat mad children and a nice big dog that needs a small furry boss.
Please come and find us, we’ll take you in and you will be so loved.
cat advert

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  1. This warms my heart…I am sure you ad will be answered!


  2. I hope a suitable puss arrives. I know you’ll respect his/her individual character and show a lot of love.


  3. My past two cats ‘found’ me. I’m sure the correct cat is looking for you as we speak.


  4. Praying the purrrrrfect kitty-cat finds you lick-ity-split! Hugs!


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