Cat capers.

Anyone who’s ever brought home a rescue cat knows that they will have their peculiarities. Renee is no different to the collective. So far she has insisted that she sleeps in my utility room sink. She has however, taken a preference to sleeping under the bath by squeezing through a small hole but she comes out for her grub so there is no stuck kitty.
She has learnt already that the sound of the fridge door opening means there’s food on the menu.
Bonnie is still too much for her but she has shown her inner panther by roaring with that mighty pair of lungs she has. Bonnie is being very patient and an utter angel with her new kitty friend when I know all she secretly wants is a sniff at that swishing tail. Good luck there Bonnie with that.
So far so good.

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  1. Stupid Qs, but is Renee pure black? If so, props to you. ^_^

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  2. Renee is lovely, like our Azlan – all black and very beautiful! Glad she’s settling in! xx

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  3. I’ve had rescue kitties. We were told Lilith ate nothing but Chinese take out.
    She hid under a bed for a few weeks, then joined in the household with our other cats- quite lovingly. And ate cat food.
    So happy for Renee!


  4. Our cat is a rescue, too. She turns into a nervous wreck everytime one of us walks out the door. She also goes and waits by the door about 15 minutes before two family members are due to get back home from work. She gets quite vocal if they are late. I usually try to reassure her by “talking” to her! I’m not sure it really works, though!!!


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