Evie loves fluffy and Evie loves all things cute. She also loves animals, Roman history stories and dinosaurs.

Her new love is writing horror stories and illustrating them. I’ve bought her a book so she can keep her creepy collection together.

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  1. Evie is like my 11 year old son in that regard. A fan of Poe, having graduated from RL Stein, he’s taken to writing creepy stories too. So much so that I had a phone call from his teacher….


    • Lol. I’ve just had my first concerned comment on my facebook page. It’s really nothing to worry about. I love to see their creativity developing.

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      • Precisely. When the school called to say they had a concern, my mind went to all manner of possibilities and potential punishments. It was actually a relief when my worry was punctured by the reveal that it was just his horror story writing that had them concerned. I checked that the content of the stories wasn’t inappropriate (which it wasn’t) and then totally dismissed it. Imagination and creativity are to be encouraged rather than stifled.


  2. Lovely to encourage her talents!


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