Little sketchbooks.

I’ve found solace in my sketchbook throughout my life. In my childhood a means of play and expression. In my teens, a bolt hole from reality into which I would have most readily jumped in feet first and not looked back.
I rekindled my sketchbook habit back in 2010 when I was in my familiar black hole and needed to escape.
This comfort and silence. A non judging welcoming page, the smell and touch of crisp paoer. The sound of pen gently scratching lines that fill and dance through endless space.
I draw through line, space filled with cluttered thoughts and ideas. I am a drawer.

Be brave, come dream and make marks.

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  1. Beth C. from the USA

    I think your lovely typos show you write just like you draw — maybe a little flawed, but straight from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Wonderful post – I couldn’t agree more. I began a similar return to drawing in 2010 when I was at a very low point and under great stress.

    I began to draw every day in the morning, just for 10 minutes, but it was a lifesaver. I remembered that whatever else was going on, I was free at least for those 10 minutes and I could roam anywhere, just following my lines.

    I saw you on TV talking about your life and your drawings and was really moved by the interview. Our situations were very different but parallel. Drawing was the key though. Your words and story resonated with me then and I loved your drawings. I found your blog and have enjoyed it ever since.

    I have come to realise, like you, I am a drawer, not a painter – The word doesn’t look right but drawing comes first – I struggled for years with oils, acrylics and painting generally – yet drawing always feels right. The comfort and delight derived from the feel and sound of a scratchy pen (or twig) on a piece of paper simply can’t be matched! Eight years on, and things are so much better. I believe that drawing has been essential in my recovery.

    Keep drawing and thank you as ever for being such an inspiration!
    Best wishes


    • Thank you Maxine so much for walking with me on this journey. I was very much thrust into the spotlight when really I was very much still suffering. I have found many ways to recover and to move on over the years but my little sketchbooks will always me my refuge.

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  3. PS… I love the way that Renee is helping you sort your pencils! Azlan does the same for me…Cats make great assistants don’t they? I think the value of drawing and cats has been greatly underestimated… Time for the world to rethink both! 🙂


  4. I really liked this, honest and uplifting.

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  5. Beautifully-worded. A drawer has a writer in them too. 🙂


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