Yeah it’s autumn. I give up. Heater’s on chasing all chills out of my studio. Dog is in heaven. Don’t like Autumn much, back to school misery and school runs turn me into a right grumpy cow.
But for now, Northern Soul is blasting, sketchbook is open, tea is steaming and my head is elsewhere.

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  1. Wait… you’re a Northern Soulie?


  2. Sounds like the perfect start to the day! And a great way to beat the Autumn blues… Have fun! xx


  3. Now, I love Autumn, that crisp little chill in the air, reds and russets all around as the leaves darken …. lovely ☺

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  4. You’ve captured that Autumn mood perfectly.

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  5. Love your doodles – especially the sketches and commentary about your critters. 🙂


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