Bonnie breaks the internet.

I’ve been looking at all my drawings of Bonnie and thought you might enjoy this little selection of her best moments.
Bonnie, the hurricane, the bottomless pit, the legend, my girl. Still ever the wiggle machine and all round stinkpot of love.

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  1. Love seeing all of these sketches of Bonnie! You do fantastic work! Keep it up as you always bring a smile to my face. Thank you!

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  2. These are adorable. Would make a nice video too. 🐶

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  3. Great gallery. Half black lab, half giraffe!


  4. What a beautiful doggie, the style makes me nostalgic 🙂


  5. Oh , you really should think about a book of your animals


  6. Impossible to pick a favourite. You capture the personality of your dog so well.

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