Mums break the internet.

This one’s for the mums. We are all bonkers and amazing. Love to all mums doing their best to just get through the day in the hope that tomorrow they will find the floor free of toys and lego. Hold fast.

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  1. Mmmm for us non-mums a lego floor is sometimes a dream …

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  2. All mums are mums, but not all mums doodle!

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  3. Well, i have gotten an upgrade in last april… i’m a grandma now, and i am starting to think, of those days again, there will be lego on the floors again in the future, but i can put them away to and leave them… 😉


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  4. And sometimes there’s always a trail of dirty clothes to follow to find where your kid is…


  5. Lego floors and dinosaurs! As a Mum of two boys I can completely relate x

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