The Moonbeam club.


We go way back the moon and me. I’ve walked many times in the dark over the years when the moon has been high and bright in the sky.

One night, I walked up the garden in my pyjamas, clutching a howling newborn. The moonlight was a welcome distraction whilst I soothed my little bundle of noise.

Some nights, the sky has been filled with the noise of drunks singing, some nights have been filled with barking dogs and other nights, there was simply the whisper of trees and wind.
One full moon, I heard the shrieks of a tawny owl over a floodlit valley.

I’ve huddled under a bridge while the moon shone, hoping my problems would melt away but it just shone as close as it could to my crouching figure in the shadows.

And one time, I walked in despair, neither caring nor looking and the moon continued to shine.

Last night I walked in the cold, solstice, moonshine and it shone right through me and dog for our whole walk.

I was taking a walk with an old friend you see.

I’m sure there are many people taking a walk tonight to escape this time of year and I hope they find their answers under the moon or at least know they are not alone.
Wishing you all a peaceful time at mid winter. To moonlit nights.

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  1. While I enjoy your posts I’m overwhelmed by ads. I never buy anything being shoved at me. It’s time to say goodbye. Thanks for opening a window and inviting us in.

    I wish you continued success. Be well.


    • Unfortunately I have to pay to disable the adverts. If you subscribe to my blog I think it takes you straight to my most recent post or you can follow me on Facebook and navigate straight to my posts.
      I agree though, it really is a right pain but I don’t have the money. Glad you enjoyed, toodlepip. Angie.


  2. Thank you for the glimpses into your soul. And thank you for the light you shine into our life. Terry and Dianne


  3. Thank you for your honesty in this post. It’s beautiful to hear you open up like that… not everyone has the courage. I wish you long and peaceful moonlit nights over this festive period, and all through your many future years. The moon makes for a good friend… he’s listened to me on many occasions and has never, ever complained. Keep him close… and he’ll guard you well. Much love to you and the family my darling. God Bless. xxxxxxx


  4. I heard an owl shriek the other night. “Hello, sister,” I said.

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  5. Your post has moved me to tears. Your writing is evocative and beautiful. Your artwork is always a delight. My best wishes to you as another year draws to an end and we look forward with hope to the year ahead.


  6. Tho I do detest visiting some blogs so busy with ads. There are those, ours in particular, that I’d wade thru those ads, if only to stand under the glow of your words for a moment.
    You make my day better. There is no better spent time then, is there? Hugs and moonbeams, wishes and Hopes, and coming home


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