Miya’s first outing.

Miya was allowed out for the first time today She took approximately twenty seconds to decipher the cat flap and flew out all guns blazing.
She then flew back in again, and out again, and in again. I have been listening to the sound of my spinning cat flap all afternoon.
Big giant clucky birds are amazing, just, amazing.

Enjoy these videos, my hens were clucking so much I went out and filmed afterwards as I thought you might enjoy meeting Miya.

Oh and by the way, I’ve spoiled us and paid to remove the advertising. Enjoy.

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  1. Delightful videos – made my evening. Thank you.

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  2. Dear Angie, thank you for sharing this moment! So lovely and fun to watch:-)

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  3. That was absolutely delightful …. your drawing had me mesmerised …. and what a beauty Miya is ♥️

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    • I too draw but when I try to put it on paper it onto paper it is all wrong… So fascinating watching someone that translated what is in their mind to paper and makes it work…

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      • It helps to just nott worry about how the lines initially form on the paper, just make your marks and don’t worry about how it will long when it’s finished. Drawing is a process and it starts in the head but is only realised when you make your marks.


  4. Oh, lovey! What fun. Thanks. Sending to my sister to share, (She with too many BOK! Bok BOK!!s of her own………..)

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  5. Caroline Richardson

    Ooooooh she is beautiful! Been dying to see the both xx


  6. Beautiful cat! I have a tortoiseshell and they are amazing cats. Mad as a box of frogs, mind you! 😀

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  7. Fabulous post! Well done for removing the adverts too – I took the plunge with my WordPress site some time ago and it’s worth it – Mind you, I don’t have a family, two cats, dog and hens to support, so it’s a bit easier for me! Have fun with them all – it’s lovely to see them all 🙂 xx


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