Furry little spirit.

Animals find humans who will help them. I’ve had many over the years. From a little sparrow up to a horse and her foal. (I don’t know what I’d do with anything bigger so if there are any elephants reading this, please consider, I live in quite a small house ok?)

Some I’ve saved and some have passed on.

Last night was brief and brutal.

A soggy, trembling wreck slipping away but in a terrible state.

She purred as I picked her up, warmed her up and dried her off.

She’d come to die and we knew it.

Later on the that evening, I went to bed and turned off the lights. One of my cats brushed softly against my legs at the foot of my bed. She had sneaked in (as she does most nights) so I gently laughed and asked her how she’d got in.

I switched on my light to see where she was only to find an empty room.

I think I was being thanked.

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  1. I think you were too my love. xxx

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  2. Yes I think you were too, my love. xxx


  3. Ach, I’m balling my eyeballs out now. You’re a good ‘un xx

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  4. Dearest lady, oh my heart broke reading your post today. May I say, God bless you and yours.
    I, too, rescue what I can, but not anything as big as a horse, my hosh that’s awesome, and an awesome task. And yes, some have come my way , while on their way. It didnt make it any easier to say goodbye tho. They had touched my life. It is forever.
    I had a similar rescue a year ago, I thought I saw a dieting squirrel in out front yard.. I ran to get a box. Came back and it was at my door. But it was a wee doggy. Filthy, hairless, goopy, flea-ridden. I scooped it up, it was barely conscious. Washed it, got rid of the goop and fleas and filth. And he just laid there, smiling at me. We rushed him to our vets who said he was starving – put him on fluids immediately and we waited. He lived, hes with us today even tho the vet are you taking him to the shelter, you already have 3 dogs and 2 cats! I’ll get by , I replied, just tighten the belt a bit more. And so we have.
    So I cried when I read your rescue found you in time to receive kindness at least once. Much love .. much much love to you

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  5. Boo-hooing into my cup of tea like a baby …. I’ve had a migraine for the last several days so feeling extra sensitive …. 😭

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  6. I think it all counts, good on you and hugs for your caring.

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  7. I’ve been present when an animal/bird has died. You do what you can and you are with them so they do not die alone. Respect to you. Terry

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  8. Poor little soul, you looked after her beautifully, and I’m sure that not only were you being thanked and also, perhaps, told that everything was alright now. xx

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  9. So so very sorry to hear that. You have a big heart, and she thanked you for it. xxx

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