A drawing a day keeps the cobwebs flowing in my house.
Your inboxes have been a bit empty recently.
Expect it to get very, very busy.

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  1. Good Morning from California! A chilly first indication of Autumn morning, 55 degrees. Going for a walk in a minute with my neighbor. Then back to quilting my American flag I’ve pieced. Hope you have a marvelous week. Love to see/read your posts! Hugs, E

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  2. Hi Angie love, good to see you here again, and I hope you and the family have had a lovely summer break! Big hug! Sean. xxx

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  3. Lovely surprise to see your hi – thank you!

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  4. Looking forward to seeing your drawings again soon. Hope you and the family have had a lovely summer, Maxine x

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  5. Welcome back! 😀 I’ve been missing you!


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