Little box of happiness.

Evie has a box.

Not just any old box.

It’s a box of happy things.

So when things get bad or sad.

She pulls the box down off the shelf and looks through it.

The box changes throughout the year.

(I think there’s a few conkers in there right now).

Sometimes mum sneaks in some chocolate…

There’s a bar of soap too as it smells lovely.

There’s fluffy and shiny things.

Small things of wonder that when picked up, replace sadness or worry with smiles.

What would be in your box?

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  1. Aaah that’s just so lovely… “small things of wonder” indeed! xxxxxxx

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  2. A small bottle of very old Scotch, my car keys, a coffee card, a card that said I do not have to go out today, a book by Somerset Maugham, a crystal that someone gave me (I don’t remember who), a small fluffy dog with nothing better to do, a bird who was just resting, a T-shirt with something interesting written on it, a money clip, a very special pencil and an old envelope, spare batteries, a soft cloth to clean my glasses, and a note that reminds me that these things are wonderful, but all I really have to do is hug my wife and happiness returns (she won’t fit in the box)

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  3. Everywhere’s my box. Every drawer, every bag, every pocket. A little piece of red ribbon with a tiny bell on it – heaven knows where it came from, but if I pick it up I may have a madeleine moment – labels from clothes, stubs of pencils, something that once had the scent of someone’s perfume, plastic novelties from Christmas crackers…

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  4. I think… my camera, Picasso won’t stay in it.. but i would if i could… a crochet hook? And some yarn… afcourse…

    Candles… soap or incent sticks. Rose water, a picture of my lover… Plants… but that last one, i got a lot right now, i am sticking my house full of plants again 😉 Make them grow, en also, don’t know how you say it in English… i make new ones for myself, and others, my family…


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  5. You should share this idea with local pre/grade schools and maybe churches with Sunday school classes…what a great idea for kids! They can start the idea when they are very young and it may help them TONS as they get older. My happy box has lots of crafting things in it. I never called it that, but it is exactly what it does. I also have a happy “room” – my craft room. After our fire took everything, I had the contractors make one of the rooms downstairs into an office-type room. It is my craft room. When I am in the mood, or better when I need to change my mood, I go there. It’s amazing how just a few minutes in there can uplift my mood and make my day better. Thank you for a great post!!


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