Twelve years an Evie. The Evie drawing collection.

I’ve just been looking through all my drawings on Doodlemum. There’s so many now. (2285 posts so at least that many drawings so far).  It’s really made me quite proud I’ve kept going.

Anyhow, Evie has now turned twelve so here’s an Evie montage of my beautiful, sassy, fiery book monster!

Enjoy this selection of drawings of her over the years. 

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  1. Wow. Look at all of these. Marvellous. Happy birthday Evie xx

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  2. Oh Angie! How wonderful, I wish I’d done such with my little girl! (Not so little anymore, she will be a grandmother in May! And That makes me ‘Great”!!) I think my favorite must be where her Brother is drawing her outline. I love her girliness, pretty dresses, OH MY! and her stalwart exploritive inventive soul. Just a lovely girl. Happy Birthday from California Evie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Ellen

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  3. Awww, so very sweet. I love them!! Happy birthday, Evie!!

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  4. BlueAngelDiverGirl

    Oh my .. I was so happy I cried. Lovely Evie

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  5. Happy Birthday Evie! xxxxxxx

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  6. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful work with the world….bless you, your family, and happy 🎂 to Evie!

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  7. What an amazing collection of images

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  8. Evie, spearheading your young family.


  9. Love it!
    They are beautiful. Congratulations for this magnificent work and happy birthday to Evie.

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  10. What a fantastic collection of memories. Thanks for sharing these. Happy Birthday Evie.💐🎁🎂


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