Running bean.

There’s magic in drawing. Not sure how it works but it’s made me stop in my tracks today.

I painted this about 15 years ago, long before Gruff was born.

We were tidying up his room today, so we dusted it down and cleaned it up.

We were laughing as he asked me did I paint this for him (as it looks exactly like him right now).

It has always been in his room on his shelf.
I said well how could I?

I loved the idea of a gangly, little boy with messy hair,  running so fast like a cheetah. I like to draw animals, I always have.

Here he is in my house, today. My little running bean who loves to run.

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  1. Lovely connection, darling boy!

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  2. BlueAngelDiverGirl

    Blessed you♡ to create like you do, in so many ways! And there’s Gruff, a true wonder. Well girl, you just outdid Pinocchios creator – Geppeto!! Huzzah for you both☆ and the cheetah who lives in you both🐆

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  3. Our family are gifted in many ways, not least in an abundance of love and kindness, but other gifts too. I have no doubt that somewhere within you, you knew he was on his way, he and his beautiful soul/daemon cheetah. Souls are not born to others without prior familiarity and a connection that runs much deeper than the prevailing human mindset might accept or allow. Nevertheless, here he is… with your beautiful painting in his little hands. Precious indeed, through all eternity. S. xxx

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  4. There’s a Pullman vibe…

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  5. … also a touch of Nicholas Bentley / Eric Linklater / ‘Wind on the Moon’.

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  6. Yes, that is magic, you had the vision… wonderful!


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