Puberty meet menopause.

Puberty one end, menopuase the other. Both made better by hugs.

I don’t want my children to have the same experience I had, we talk and we laugh about things and how rubbish hormones are. We slam doors and shout and cry. It’s good to.

I can’t protect them from the outside world though and it stinks that my daughter is constantly questioned over her decision to have short hair.
She’s twelve and she’s having to already fend off questions about appearance.
I tell her sometimes people just aren’t ready for fabulous but to carry on anyway and to be just so.

If you have a stroppy teen in your house, remember how much it hurt to be that age, it sucks majorly and you as mum are there to keep them going until they are ready to be a big person.

Until then, hold fast and try not to think about the hormonal plughole that you’ve become.

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  1. I went through perimenopause with 3 teenage girls and aging parents. We made it.

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  2. Yep, its the hugs and the laughs that fix it all.

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  3. You’re a brilliant mum, my love, know that… and you’re doing just fine, really you are. Love, hugs and laughter with the people you care about are the best medicine ever! 😉 xxxxx

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    • I try! 🤣 It can be a very emotional house some days. More drama than Eastenders and Holly oaks 🤣🤣🤣

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      • Throughout life, I have found that those who are so eager and ready to criticise and undermine the self esteem of others, are usually “projecting”, rather than “focussing on dealing with” their own issues. If they spent as much energy looking within to heal themselves, we’d all get some much needed peace, and the world would be a much better place. Her hair is beautiful no matter how she chooses to style it, and I am so proud to hear that she has the courage and strength of spirit to express her inner self in the manner of her own choosing. And that my dear is the result of good parenting, so well done you. 😉 xxxxxxx

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  4. I love her short hair. For what that’s worth.

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  5. 💕 this. Hugs are good! Teens need a safe place to let it all out and usually that means mum. It can be hard to soak up all their stuff and your own menopausal mush tho… def challenging 😳

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  6. The children at my daughters school already judge each other about their image and what they have on…..and she’s only 8….I can imagine what we’ll be going through in her teenage years ☹️😩

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  7. good advice 😉
    Keep going (bóth of you !)

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  8. This is a really beautiful post. xoxo

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  9. Atta’girl. I had my hair cut short at age 12 too and what a relief of not having to style it. Quick brush, done, more time for hobbies 😎

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